• Motorcycle Rims

    Our biggest and most popular item to powder coat. We do a countless number of rims for cars, motorcycles, atvs, and dirtbikes.

  • Spray Gun

    We were able to match the blue of the company colors and powder coat it to the spray guns.

  • Exhaust Shells

    At Cleveland Ohio Powder Coating, we do powder coating work for HMF, one of the largest exhaust manufacturer’s in the country.

  • ATV Nerf Bars

    Not only does our powder coat look good, it's incredibly durable. These ATV Nerf Bars are the perfect example of just how durable our coating service are.

  • ATV Bumper

    Offroad riding is tough on metal. To keep that metal in tact, our powder coatings provide an excellent barrier against some of the harshest terrain out there.

  • Ceramic Coating

    Out High Temp Ceramic Coating for Exhaust systems are designed for excellent physical performance, low thermal conductivity and excellent color stability at temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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