90-Day Warranty

The following are explanations of what is covered in the warranty and what they mean:

Adhesion: If adhesion is going to fail, it will typically fail in the first year of its service life and the warranty will cover the issue. If the adhesion is ok from the start, it will rarely fail during the service life of the finish.

Gloss: Gloss is the reflectance of the pain or anodize finish and is measured on a scale from 0-1000 units. Zero gloss is completely flat, absorbing all light, while 100 gloss reflects all light back. All finishes will lose gloss over time but some will lose faster than others.

Chalk: Chalk is a breakdown (typically caused by intense UV rays) of the resin system (the primary constituent) of the paint itself. Chalk occurs when conditions cause degradation of the resin system, as the resin breaks down it takes on a whitish, chalky appearance.

Fade: The leaching or oxidizing of pigment is known as fade. Like chalking, fading is also caused by intense UV radiation. All pigments will fade over time but the degree to which they fade depends on several properties. Aluminum finishes that have a high resistance to fading have a low Delta E reading.

Unless a particular project is in an extreme environment, one should expect the finish to last several years beyond, and in some cases multiples of, the warranty period.

COPC does not have control over maintenance, location, use, etc. of our finishes and for that reason, cant issue warranties beyond a 90 day period in the most extreme environments within the United States

In order to maintain the original beauty, even these highly durable finishes need to be cleaned occasionally. When selecting a cleaning solution use mild soap solutions, avoid using strong acid or alkali cleaners as they may damage the finish.

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90 Day Warranty

Please read our warranty policy for a full description of our coating services.